– Joe Biden’s goal is to provide a credible response to Russia’s actions, and at the same time we do not want to escalate the situation – Security Adviser Jake Sullivan confirmed in an interview with CNN

The North Atlantic Alliance supported the US action on Thursday. NATO authorities said that NATO allies support and show solidarity with the United States in connection with their announced actions on April 15, in response to Russia’s destabilizing activity.

The Russian side did not wait long with the answer. On Thursday noon, the Foreign Ministry invited the ambassador to “the carpet.” – We will share (with journalists – an opening note) additional information about this conversation, which will be difficult on the American side – she said Maria ZakaroaSpokeswoman for the Ministry of Diplomats.

We have warned the United States many times about the effects of their hostilities which seriously confirm the confrontation between our two countries. (…) In a telephone conversation with the Russian President, Joe Biden expressed his interest in the normalization of Russian-American relations, and Zakharov confirmed at Thursday’s conference that his administration’s actions say otherwise.

Putin sent an army to the border with Ukraine. The former head of the foreign ministry frankly about Poland

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