Creativity is the name of a small helicopter – a drone that was transported to Mars by the rover. This missile landed on the Red Planet on February 18th.

First, the drone, which was housed in a protective capsule at the bottom of the rover, was launched very slowly to the ground. Last week, the fans were tested, initially at 50 rpm, then 2.4K. Revolution every minute.

The first flight of the drone was planned for April 11, then NASA postponed the launch to April 14, then it was announced that the delay would be longer. But The Martian helicopter successfully took off from the surface of Mars on Monday after two in the afternoon. 12 – Polish time.

It was the first motorized flight over the surface of a planet other than Earth. The device rose 3 meters, flew in the air for 30 seconds and landed. NASA is planning more long-haul flights over the planet.