Good Shepherd Entertainment and Ice Code Games announced in a press release Thursday evening that the open beta of Hard West 2, the superhero sequel to the turn-based strategy game played by over half a million people, will begin today via Steam. PC.

The show, which runs until June 5, 2022, includes an excerpt from the game’s full campaign and showcases some of the special skills the characters will gain during their exciting journey through the Dark Heart of the West.

compared to its predecessor

The Hard West 2 outperforms its predecessor in all respects. The new Bravado system provides a more aggressive approach to tactics and combat, rewarding attacks to extend the Bravado streak and do more damage. The highlight of the action is the action shooting, with dynamic levels set in changing environments to create an action packed feel of high speed horse chases and an exciting train robbery face.

Enemies are destroyed by special abilities such as Shadow Elf Archers – an attack that ignores cover and can hit multiple enemies. Add to this Flynn’s Shadow Swap, which allows her to swap places with a friend or foe; The dead man’s revenge on the old man’s bill, which can hit anyone in sight and scales based on the damage done; and Laughing Deer’s Wild Run, which increases damage the further away from the target.

Players should take advantage of the luck they get from taking damage or losing opponents – this can increase the chances of hitting and turn difficult situations in your favor. If you wish, you can learn new skills and give your soldiers additional skills, or upgrade existing ones using the Ghost Collection.

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Hard West 2 gameplay video

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Hard West 2. Features

  • Conquer the Dark Line: When world-famous con artist Gene Carter invades the legendary “Ghost Train” in search of gold, he discovers that he is haunted by the Devil himself! Now the Jinn must lead a strange group of outlaws to save his soul in a land ruled by darkness. Players explore frozen wastelands and lawless frontier cities in the Wild West in a desperate battle against the living and the dead.
  • Bravora system: Killing enemies activates a new Bravado state and replenishes the Action Points spent. Whether it’s cover, attack, or a clever combination, it kills in a row – whoever annihilates everyone and everything that passes through the Wild West works just fine.
  • animated penalties: The turn-based combat in Hard West 2 takes place in dynamically changing environments and engages the mind as a motivator. From horse chases to thrilling train robberies, let your western imagination run wild as you push the boundaries of your strategy.
  • Cell strengthening: Using mystery playing cards, you can improve the hands of the gang members in poker. Upgrade with weapons and explosives or ammo and whiskey to keep everyone looking good.
  • Invalid leader: Players are responsible for a growing group of outlaws, witches, and other mysterious creatures. Only those who make the right decisions earn more loyalty points and can learn new skills for their loved ones. On the other hand, making the wrong decision tests your commitment to the whole thing.
  • The good, the good, and the dead are dead. Folktales from the Wild West meet astrology in a character-based story skillfully preached by voice actors Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series), Darren Sills Evans (Days of Gold) and Adam Gifford (The Colony). The music was written by BAFTA Award winner Jason Graves (“Dead Space”) and co-written by Matt Furbeck (“Deadlands”), the Origins and New York Times bestseller.
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Hard West 2 is played in

At we were also able to make a first impression in the game. The corresponding video, where you can watch the first scenes directly from the game, can be found here:

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Hard West 2 open beta steam Play:

For Good Shepherd Entertainment

Good Shepherd Entertainment is an award-winning video game publisher dedicated to building long-term partnerships that deliver high-quality entertainment. Good Shepherd has built a strong presence around the world by developing, releasing and advertising dozens of blockbuster films across multiple platforms, including Monster Train, Transport Fever series, Phantom Doctrine, Hard West and the critically acclaimed John Wick Hex.

With many years of experience, Good Shepherd offers the know-how and a network of award-winning authors, musicians, and creative minds, as well as access to the intellectual property of popular culture.

About Ice Code Games

Ice Code Games is an independent Polish development studio based in Warsaw. Since the beginning, she has developed and published several games, including the cyberpunk RTS game about cults. The company recently appeared on the Polish stock exchange and is working on several game development tools. Ice Code Games is made up of a team of professionals with experience in game development from indie games to AAA.