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Windows 10 will continue to offer the feature timetable In mission view and no one is planning to remove it from the system anytime soon. This is clear information that comes from the updated description for Windows 10 test version 21359, which recently arrived on the Insiders Dev Channel. Based on the previous description, it can be assumed that Microsoft ultimately plans to remove Timeline from Windows 10.

Media considerations have begun in this regard The aforementioned Windows 10 build descriptionMicrosoft indicated that the schedule will not be synchronized between devices. This is a big drop in its functionality, but as it turns out, the cuts stop there. Previously, this approach was interpreted as the first step to completely removing features from the system, but Microsoft stressed that nothing of the sort was planned.

Windows 10’s Timeline and Task View are options as they are known to this day I entered the system In the first half of 2018, along with the so-called April Update. Initially, there was a preview of recently used apps (or cards from Edge), which you can easily return to. Not much later, he also appeared Compatibility with other browsers.

Since then, the function has not been particularly dynamically developed. However, the end of support for synchronization between Windows 10 devices is a surprise, because it was a special feature of the timeline in the task view, which distinguishes this solution from just browsing open windows or the application history on a specific computer.

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