After we rejoiced it 3D-printed joystick and throttle, Which transformed the Xbox One controller into a DIY HOTAS setting (manual on throttle and stick), Youtube Akaki Komiri He is back with a fresh version that works with the PS4’s Dualshock 4 controller. This time, there is the option of having two joysticks without the throttle, plus thumb sticks and triggers to press the console’s shoulder buttons and triggers.

Added triggers are great for playing flying combat games like the recently released ones Star Wars SquadronsWhere you will need them to shoot down enemy ships. Joystick actuators and buttons use lengths of thread to press the controller buttons, which Kuumeri admits may feel a little feeble.

If you want to try the project, Kuumeri Design is available for Upload on Thingiverse. There are also versions with throttle or without triggers if you are not planning to do any shooting, and alternative designs are available for the Xbox 360 controllerAnd and Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Although there is currently no prepacked version for the Xbox One controller, Kuumeri says it is Open to single business if there is a demand.

The designs may not be able to match the durability or features of a standalone flying stick, but if you only plan to play a flying game once in a while, it could make a nice improvement over the standard console.