Kristen Stewart will play Princess Diana in “Spencer” biography of Pablo Laren. The first photo of the actress appeared on the web and is completely unrecognizable. What else do we know about the new director’s film, “Jackie”?

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana. Pablo Larrain Award-winning filmmaker “Jackie”, “Emma” or “The Club”, I decided to retell the story of Princess Diana. Work recently started on the “Spencer” group. Accordingly, we received our first official photo of Stuart with a distinguished role.

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana – Watch This Amazing Photo

The first promotional picture of the movie just appeared on the Internet. He portrays Stuart in Princess Diana’s makeup. The actress is almost unrecognizable. Anyway, see for yourself:

Spencer – What do we already know about the movie?

The script was created in the head of Stephen Knight, the creator of the series.Peaky masks. “ According to the first information The event is set to take place at Christmas, when, The royal family celebrates at the Sandringham residence in Norfolk. That’s when Diana He decides to leave Prince Charles. What’s interesting – this is where the fourth season of “The Crown” ended.

The production will focus on the internal tensions between family members, as well as on the experiences of Diana herself, who is on the verge of a very difficult choice.

Kristen Stewart for the movie

In an interview with Variety, Stewart shared the following words about her work on the movie:

“Spencer” is an emotional portrayal of Diana at a turning point in her life. “

Stewart assures that in the course of the film, her heroine began to strike a balance in profits and losses. It examines its constituent parts and analyzes the path it took to find where you stand today. He also asks himself a very important question: What does it mean to be myself?

This process begins with noting his last name: Spencer. Her actions represent a traumatic effort that she has to make to get back to the person she was before. The actress has revealed her willingness to understand what the name Spencer means for herself, and she will begin to reinvent herself.

Laren is an expert at making movies this way. The director deliberately chooses a very specific and sensitive moment in the life of his characters and on this basis paints a very expressive selfie.

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Spencer – when is the premiere?

Filming has already begun. The crew will register in Germany and Great Britain. Foreign sources say the movie may premier in 2021, in time for the Oscars season. 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Diana’s death.

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