According to the latest poll, up to 53% of Scots would like to leave the UK if that would guarantee membership in the European Union. Sturgeon

The poll indicates that more than half of Scots want independence and membership in the European Community.

A poll conducted for the Press and Journal (P&J) confirmed that 53% of people would vote to leave the UK, and 51% against independence.

It is not clear how Scotland would join the European Union if it became an independent country.

Former European Council Commissioner Donald Tusk said last year that the bloc is sympathetic to Scotland’s return to the European Community.

The poll comes as political parties launched campaigns ahead of the May elections.

Pollster John Curtis says the current disagreements over the Salmond problem have nothing to do with an intention to leave the UK and vote for independence.

He added that support for independence divided the nation in two, and this situation has continued since February.

In the 2014 referendum, Scots voted against independence with 55% to 45% with 85% voter turnout.

During the European Union referendum in 2016, most of Scotland chose to remain in the European Union.

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