Riot has taken a big slippage, as she prematurely revealed the new character’s abilities.

One of the official files had a major slip. The wrong video was posted, as a result of which we not only knew the final appearance of the character, but also her skills. There is no specific description and conversion rates yet, but the material below explains practically everything.

Riot was such a mess that he didn’t know what to do, so everything was officially posted on all of the sites.

Now you can safely write that it’s not about the doll, as it was speculated tens of minutes or so ago. This is an adult and feminine character with strong skills. We’ll probably get to know their description in a moment, and so far you can see the look and see some shots of the skills. This is an official offer from Riot – wrong.

The announcement was made about twelve minutes ago, the French branch posted the wrong video, so skills popped up everywhere. There was no longer any surprise anyway. In case you missed the trailer:

Official description:

DrOnce upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, a young tailor made a beautiful doll. The doll loved their creator, but a terrible tragedy separated them forever and plunged the doll into the sea and in mourning. Centuries passed, but the doll knew that love would find her again.

What do players say to all of this? So far, opinions are deeply divided. Lots of people pay special attention to the appearances of the characters that are said to be slightly different from the previous heroes.

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