The roof in Warsaw Hub. If, after opening up gastronomy, you are looking for an unusual place where you can have a great time, this could be an offer for you. Great view and restaurant on the roof of a skyscraper in Wola.

The roof at the Warsaw Hub. Rooftop bar with great views and local drinks

Some time ago, we wrote here about this completely unusual solution for the Warsaw space. The Warsaw Center is a complex of buildings with three towers. One of them, the height of which is 86 meters, is completely dedicated to hotel spaces. At the top, on the other hand, is the “The Roof,” which in English simply means the roof.

Watch the show(11 photos)

Watch the show
(11 photos)

The roof at the Warsaw Hub. Rooftop bar, with great views and a restaurant …

The roof at the Warsaw Hub. Expected reopening

This place, like many others, was looking forward to welcoming its guests again. The restrictions caused months of lockdown, but at the end of May 15, customers can reappear at this location. “Our main restaurant, Nova Wola, is still awaiting the end of the closure. Fortunately, starting this Saturday, guests of The Roof will be able to sample our food at least a little. ” – says the chef, Paweka Suchenka.

Public access is one of the advantages of this place. Everyone should be able to come and ask for something. It wouldn’t be like an elite club on top of a skyscraper or just hotel guests. It serves as a stylish cocktail bar for everyone.

Fantastic, but also very local

The restaurant is very distinguished for its location that might appeal to lovers of local climates.

Our main, unchanged idea was to create something related to the place we are in. Warsaw, Centrum, Stara and Lola. Hence the idea of ​​Warsaparilla. The name was created by combining the words: Warsaw and Sarsapella – an exotic plant from Central America with unique health properties! – Praises the suggestion of The Roof waiter, Kamil Markiewicz.

From the opening, the menu also includes other drinks that will be associated with Warsaw:

  • Bambino de Braga – with plum rum and ginger syrup,
  • Gentle Andrews – with whiskey and hibiscus syrup,
  • Warsaw – with blackberries, vanilla, lemon and sparkling wine,
  • The aforementioned Warsparella – where we have, in addition to exotic plants, tonic leaves, mangy, raspberry and basil leaves.

In addition to drinks, the menu includes, among others, Polish beef with pickled vegetables and mushrooms, Tom Ka Kai soup with chicken and shrimp, Angus burgers with Memolette cheese and a selection of artisan ice cream for dessert.

Drinks are between 25 and 30 PLN, while dinner will likely cost around 40-50 PLN. The restaurant also offers a large selection of wines. You can reserve a table through the site website.


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