Can you make popcorn with your phone? How much does a medieval sword weigh? Answers to these and many other questions can be found by the residents of Rzeszów, who came that afternoon to the Rzeszów University of Technology campus and visited more than 70 sites for the Science and Technology outing “The Power of Discoverers”.

4 thematic areas awaiting visitors: Technology corridor, science arcade, art and culture arcade, history plazaWith interactive presentations and workshops in physics, chemistry, robotics, avionics, computer science, environmental engineering, and biotechnology. There was also High voltage, Tesla transformer appearsamazing duels for knights dressed in medieval dishes, as well Duels between Imperial Storm Troopers and Jedi Knights.

space lesson

Car and space enthusiasts have also found attractions. They can find cars on the campus of the University of Technology, Mars rover, modern technologies, 3D printing, robotics and electronics from space. The Analog Astronaut Training Center also visited the Moc of Discoverers. Conduct simulations of space missions and research technologies to survive in harsh environments.

Rzeszów Critical Mass will pass through town twice in June! when?

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