Another World Cup competition was held in the Olympic cross-country variant in Nowe Miasto in Moravia. After last week’s victory in Alpstadt in the women’s elite race, Luana Likumti was the best again. Maja Włoszczowska took 24th place. Bartomei Wawak performed well among the men, finishing the competition at 12th place.

Already on the first lap in the women’s race, Loana Lecomte broke off the lead, taking a half-minute advantage over Haley Batten after the first lap. The American, after a weaker start, tried to catch up with world champion Pauline Ferran Prevot and Kate Courtney, who was right behind her. Unfortunately for her, Kourtney damaged the bike in the second episode, depriving her of the opportunity to get a good score. After a moment, Ferran Prevot and Rebecca McConnell joined Patten. Shortly thereafter, the Australian left both competitors behind. Later in the competition, Lecomte continued to increase the advantage, and by entering the penultimate episode, she had more than a minute to spare more than Mcconnell. In the end, Lecomte achieved a certain victory. Haley Patten had a great run in the last round, ahead of McConnell and finished second, and the Australian finished last on the podium. Our best representative was Maja Włoszczowska. The Polish woman came 24th. Katarzyna Solus-Mikovi تبلغ was 36 years old, Gabriela Wojtya was 60 years old, Claudia Chapuk was 67, Paula Gorica was 77 and Barbara Borowica was 81 years old.


1 – Luana Lecomte (France)

2. Haley Patten (USA) +1: 39

3. Rebecca McConnell (Australia) +1: 51

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4. Pauline Ferrand Prevot (France) + 2:10

5. Evie Richards (UK) +2: 27

24- Maya Voszczowska (Poland) +6: 57

36. Katarzyna Solus-Miśkowicz (Poland) +8: 44

60. Gabriela Wojtyła (Poland) 12: 40

67- Claudia Szabock (Poland) +13: 41

77 – Paula Gorica (Poland)

81- Barbara Borovica (Poland)

In the men’s race, Matteo van der Boyle set a strong rhythm from the start, and a moment after finishing the starting lap he attacked. Only Thomas Bedcock survived his charge and these two riders separated from the rest of the group. On the third lap, Van der Boyle suddenly began to lose distance from the British, which after a moment had to make up for him for half a minute, then Matthias Voykiger met the Dutchman. While Bedcock was confidently heading for victory, the battle for second place continued. The penultimate round turned out to be decisive for his fate. Then the attack was carried out by Van der Bolle, who managed to gain about ten seconds ahead of Vollekiger. Ultimately, Pidcock reached the finish line first. Behind him Van der Bohl was one minute behind, and Fleueckiger took the slightest step on the podium. Partomij Wauak was the highest-ranked Polish, finishing well twelfth. Krzysztof Łukasik was 69, Filip Helta was 87, and Karol Ostaszewski was 118.


1 – Thomas Bedcock (Great Britain)

2. Matteo van der Paul (Netherlands) +1: 00

3. Matthias Flekiger (Swagkaria) +1: 15

4. Ondrej Cink (Czech Republic) +2: 00

5. Jordan Sarrow (France) +2: 21

12. Partomij Wawak (Poland) +4: 38

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69. Krzysztof Łukasik (Poland) +10: 57

87- Philip Hilta (Poland)

118- Karol Ostashevsky (Poland)

The day before, there was a competition for players under the age of 23. Carter Woods turned out to be the best among men. The Canadian was about a minute faster than Riley Amos II. Alexander Palmer completed the podium. The highest-ranked Polish was Stanisوافaw Nowak, who was 61 years old. Konrad Chapuk was ranked 73, Simon Baumina finished 82nd, and Jaroslaw was 106. In contrast, Mona Metwollner won the women’s race. The Austrian at home turned out to be better than Caroline Bohee. Kata Blanca Fez finished third. Matylda Szczecińska ranked 15th well. Melina Drilac was 41st, Julia Ziobeh ranked 52. Patrija Zaouerta was the lowest among our representatives, who ranked 63rd.

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