Republican Senator urged Donald Trump to accept defeat in the US presidential election and begin the transition process, and condemned his “unprecedented” campaign attempt to reverse Joe Biden’s victory.

Lisa Murkowski took from Alaska to Twitter to say Biden had hit Trump with integrity and told the president that it was time to abandon his legal team’s efforts to stay in power.

Senator Murkowski is one of a handful of Republican politicians who have recognized Biden’s victory.

She wrote on Twitter: “As countries conclude the 2020 elections and ratify the results, we must all ensure that we respect the integrity of the electoral process and support the faith of the Americas in our electoral system.”

Every state has worked to ensure a free and fair election process. President Trump had the opportunity to file a lawsuit, and the courts found them unfounded. “

Murkowski also took a look at the president’s efforts to influence Republicans in the state to ignore the election results and favor his re-election.

“The campaign to pressure state lawmakers to influence the election outcome is not only unprecedented but is incompatible with our democratic process.

“Time to start the full and formal transition process”

The Trump campaign raised and lost a series of lawsuits in battlefield states across the country, and the president and his aides leveled unfounded accusations of widespread voter fraud.

Murkowski also joined her criticism of the president by the Republican governor of Maryland.

“If you’ve got your job done, then U.S. rulers won’t have to fend for themselves to find tests amid the pandemic, as we did successfully in Maryland,” Larry Hogan said on Twitter.

“Stop golfing and give up.”