Sony repeats the maneuver a year agoThat is, it sends shipments from its PlayStation 5 consoles by air. Three powerful Boeing 747s loaded with equipment for gamers have landed at Heathrow Airport near London. This is to prevent shortages in UK stores and A new PS5 brings to anyone who wants Christmas.

Sony just wants to make fans happy after so many problems with the new set, and this is an unprecedented airlift. The Boeing 747 is a rarity after being recalled by British Airways, but it carries massive amounts of cargo as a cargo ship. Each aircraft can carry 100 tons of equipment on approximately 50 pallets. This means that millions of players will be smiling this Christmas.

This is how Sony commented on the event at conversation with the sun. Thanks to these efforts, there will probably be no shortage of consoles, which will delight many players during the holiday season. Air transportation is much more expensive than sea transportationBut the application of such measures explains the increased demand during this important period ahead.

Last month, Sony announced that it delivered 3.3 million PS5 consoles globally in the last quarter, and The total number of copies sold reached 13.4 million. Pre-Christmas shipments look great, but if we want to play, for example, in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales or coming Gran Turismo 7And You better hurry up ?? The new PS5 vanishes from store shelves like fresh donuts.

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