An elegant living room rug can do real wonders. You can use it to warm the interior, make it expressive, define functional areas in the room, and even correct the proportions of the room. The modern model will help to give the arrangement a unique expression without making the interior too transformative.

In the trends of 2021 there are light carpets, sandy and earthy shades. Strong patterns, especially geometric patterns, are a thing of the past. Now we focus on kindness. Delicate calligraphic patterns, ethnic motifs, references to the human body, and rugs that look like abstract artwork are popular.

to remember! When choosing a rug for a room, pay attention to its dimensions. Buying a small rug is the most common mistake in arranging. Then it looks poor and out of place. Carefully measure the space to be occupied and stick to these calculations.

A modern rug doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Below we’ve rounded up five supermodels, all for less than 500 PLN.

1. Morokko Villes . Carpets

This very impressive model is a real treat for lovers of boho style. This two-tone Moroccan rug has attractive Moroccan-inspired patterns. An interesting style, simplicity and universal colors make it fit into any interior. In addition, the carpet is easy to care for, it is resistant to discoloration, color and scratches, and has hypoallergenic properties.

2. Mane rug

Another rug is a more elegant offering. The mane model features a modern geometric pattern – Moroccan clover. Everything is kept in interesting and subdued colors. This rug would work well in modern interiors, as well as in the spirit of the Hamptons or glamour. It is worth adding that it was made of thermoplastic polypropylene. These materials ensure durability and are easy to clean.

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3. Copper Marrakesh Carpet

This rug combines classic and modernity. The blue pattern with copper elements is inspired by Persian carpets. However, the contemporary colors make it look exceptionally modern and elegant. This model is machine woven from a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres. As a result, it remains soft and vibrant throughout the period of use. In addition, it is easy to care for, it is not subject to scratches, deformations and wear.

4. Dark Reflective Rug

The dark blue model will definitely add expression to the space. Its shade is lively and refreshing. Her grace and elegance. The geometric pattern, somewhat reminiscent of the aesthetics of Art Deco, gives it an elegant, but also modern taste.

5. Thema Ragage

The last proposed numerator is a completely modern model. Balinese pattern with classic trim is a modern twist on classic rugs. This model will be best suited for a living room with dark floors, decorated in a modern style, but also glamor or classic. The durability and softness of the material is ensured using polyester technology and heat collection. The way it is made is impressive with the simplicity of the pattern and the intensity of the blue shade.

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