It seems that the migration crisis in Belarus is in full swing. But the authorities insist they are “tourists”. Tourists sleeping in the streets of the center of Minsk …

I walked into Pieramożca Prospect (Polish: Winners), and thought I was in Egypt – a netizen wrote under one of these photos.

These photos are attracting more and more attention. Independent and social media is rife with gossip.

There are a lot of groups in the Pobieditelej area next to the Galereja shopping centre. There are cops walking. The officers did not allow me to photograph the “tourists” because they “did not approve of the photos.” All nearby litter boxes are sprinkled and monitored … – there is a hypothesis that they are sometimes used as toilets – another user on Instagram wrote.

In Grodno, on Marksa Street, next to Sarmacja Hostel – families with children and a lot of men of all ages. They are coughing, and I think they are getting sick. Too bad for them, their eyes are as sad as stray dogs. And the kids! God save us from this tourism – someone else wrote.


Illegal immigration through Belarus

Some migrants head straight to the border (including Poland), while others stop for a while in Minsk. The most affluent accommodation in hotels or rental apartments. On the other hand, those who run out of money – spend many days or even weeks on the streets. They also try to fit in in groups.

A friend of mine is dealing with apartment rents for today. Recently, he added in the ad “For people of Slavic appearance only.” This is because he has faced some unpleasant situations before. Someone rented the apartment and lived -14. The researcher told PAP that he comes to get the keys, they sit on the floor and say they are not going out because they have nowhere to go.


On the other hand, strength flashed in answer to the current situation. Deputy Andrei Savinich He recently stated that visitors from the Middle East are not immigrants but tourists.

As he explained, the State Department “goes through a very rigorous selection process and issues visas only on the basis of invitations from very specific companies.” But the government departments of Poland, Lithuania and Germany decided that the process of illegal immigration from Iraq, Syria and African countries is being organized with the participation and support of the Belarusian authorities.