There’s always something going on about Bully from Rockstar Games. The company prepares for advertisements.

The whole month of December is a lot of fun for Bully fans. Rockstar Games plays with fans in a way Even change your logo – Such activities were carried out in the past when the American company was preparing to display its games.

Now the atmosphere has been heated up by SWEGTA, and their YouTube content is mostly devoted to all analysis or reporting on Rockstar Games. The user stated via Twitter that the Bully community will receive a special surprise soon.

To his surprise, the insider announced that it’s not – yet – Bully 2, but everyone will get something very useful. It’s hard to guess what exactly SWEGTA means, because it could also mean another remaster for “one”, clues about the two, Bully 2’s official announcement can be inserted… indefinitely.

Other sources indicate that due to the fact that Rockstar Games is living well with Sony, something related to Bully may be announced at an event for the Japanese company. According to rumors, the PlayStation bid has been moved from December to the first quarter of 2022.

The Bully community will be getting a special surprise soon.

While it’s not Bully 2 yet, everyone will get something very useful.