PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X sell very well. Interest in new ones keyboard So big that buying one of them is almost a miracle, and a miracle of them the prices Fired hard.

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Sony and Microsoft go to war. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are a different vision for the future of gaming

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are in trouble from AMD

Last January, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive, announced that there would be availability issues PS5 It may last until the end of March. Mike Spencer, head of investor relations at Microsoft, spoke similarly. However, after a moment, there was disturbing info from AMD, which provides components for both devices.

Smoke coming out of your Xbox Series X console? It could be fake. Microsoft is looking into this issue

At the end of January, AMD CEO Lisa Su announced that there would be a supply shortage of its equipment, whether for consoles or computers. I gave Gamespot. Su said the problems will last longer than March.

AMD had an exceptional year and broke a revenue record. However, interest in their devices exceeded the company’s capabilities and production problems appeared at the end of 2020. Only in a few months’ time will the company be able to modernize its production lines in order to be able to meet the number of orders. Due to these issues, availability of keyboards will be limited not to March but until the middle of the year.

PlayStation 5Sony confirms. All PS5 are sold out. “Absolutely all”

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Mike Spencer Confirms – Xbox Availability Issues Until Midyear

Mike Spencer has already confirmed in an interview with “The New York Times”, Xbox Series X availability issues will continue until at least June. PlayStation has not commented on this yet, but all indications are that it will also be difficult to purchase Japanese consoles until the middle of this year.