Nigerian police raided the sect of believers in the entire BibleWhen a concerned mother reported the disappearance of her children. It turned out that there were as many as 77 people in the underground rooms belonging to the followers, including 26 minors.

They imprisoned 77 people. “Waiting for Jesus Christ”

The building is located in the Valentino District of Ondo, Nigeria. A local police spokesman said some people had been imprisoned for at least four months. There were also doubts that the first victims were being held underground at the beginning of the year.

The cult leaders convinced their followers that Jesus Christ would return again soon. Initially it was announced that this would happen in April, but the date was later changed to September.

An initial investigation revealed that it was one of the priests, Josiah Peter Asomoza, the church’s assistant pastor, who told the members that the Second Coming would take place in April. He later said the date had been changed to September 2022. Police press officer Fonmelayu Odunlami, citing the BBC, said he was only asking young members to obey their community.

In total, the police rescued 26 children, 8 teenagers and 43 adults. Many of these people left work or school to join the group. A mass kidnapping incident is currently under investigation.

Another family, who was nearby during the rescue, said that their daughter… had left school because of the pastor’s strange teachings. A local police spokesman added that she left the house in January.

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