Disputes escalated over this matter after the overthrow of the US Supreme Court on June 24 of this year Roe v. Wade Act of 1973Which allows the termination of pregnancy – informed the Catholic Information Agency (KAI).

exchange of views

Another such exchange occurred in New Mexico, where GOP politician John Block urged Santa Fe Archbishop John C. Wester to “take disciplinary action” against a Catholic congressman who supports abortion. It’s about Lujan Grisham – the candidate for governor of this state, who throughout her political career has focused, among other things, on introducing pro-abortion regulations. In his letter to the archbishop, published June 28 in The Santa Fe New Mexican, Block said that “our faith is the only (most important) thing we have. It has allowed the church to endure centuries of persecution and achieve what we are.” If the church does not abide by its principles, we will soon lose our faith as well.”

In response to the invitation, the Archbishop referred to the statements made by Pope Francis on June 29 He gave the Eucharist in the Vatican to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who was thereKnown for his pro-abortion stance. “I will not deny this candidate for governor the Eucharist simply because she supports abortion. I believe your request is based on sincere faith and not on political goals. Either way, I will not prevent her from receiving the Eucharist. .in. the risk of a (wrong) judgment that the recipient does not deserve.” He noted that “whether a person is worthy to receive the sacrament is a separate matter.”

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