Plast and Riot Games joined forces to help the world. Both brands will host the Spike Nations VALORANT Championship, in which national teams from many countries will participate. There is $60,000 to win, and Riot Games will donate it to charity.

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Help the Poles

The organizer has not presented all the teams yet, but we know that one of them will be a Polish player representing Team Poland. who will be?. We can guess that they won’t necessarily be Polish professional players like Alexander “zeek” Zygmunt and Patryk “starxo” Koppczyñski, who recently qualified for the World Championships. Charity tournaments usually include influencers and influencers. It may be so here.

What other teams will be participating? In addition to Poland, there will be representation of such countries as: Great BritainAnd SpainPortugal, Turkey and Italy. Moreover, teams made up of different nationalities will participate in the competition. We are talking about representations of the regions: North, DACH, Benelux and Eastern Europe. So it can be said that the organizer was awarded the Poland Prize.

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Not the first such work

In esports, we deal with charity tournaments at least several times a year. The loudest voice is Gamers Without Borders, attended by the best professional CS: GO teams. The prize pool for the tournament reaches two million dollars, and the organizer himself organizes a charitable event much broader than the organization of a single tournament. In total, Gamers Without Borders donated $10 million in 2021 to higher goals.

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Nor is it the first time that BLAST has organized this type of tournament. The first edition of Spike Nations VALORANT was held last year. BLAST Vice President Leo Matlock recalled last year’s event, talking about this year’s edition. Spike Nations staged for the second time is a testament to how much the Valoranta community welcomed the previous tournament. We have introduced some exciting additions and new teams made up of more countries. Matlock concluded that we can’t wait to create a new story that will appeal to audiences. The tournament itself was announced October 7-9, and will be broadcast in full on Twitch. We’ll probably get to know the national team lineup even before the tournament starts.

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