The topic of what system requirements a computer must meet in order to officially download Windows Update to version 11 has been on the Internet for some time. The first information clearly indicated that owners of weaker machines will not have access to the long-awaited new version of the system. However, the tech giant soon changed its mind and assured that users of older PCs would also be able to switch to Windows 11. As it turned out, the company also insured itself against such a possibility.

According to the article in The Verge, Windows 11 can be installed on computers that do not meet the minimum requirements. However, a user who decides to take such a step must sign a special clause reporting the lack of further support and waive any warranty rights in the event of problems.

Unfortunately, this is not the end. A system loaded in this way must be limited to several important functions, including Windows Update’s automatic update system. This tool is a comprehensive store for Windows updates, Microsoft Defender Antivirus, and at least some drivers that the operating system uses to improve compatibility with connected devices.

This means that people who still decide to use Windows 11 on computers that do not meet the requirements will be left without the slightest support.


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