On the goal of our girls in the qualifying round for the European Championship which has been clearly stated, Adam Mulinda, coach of the Polish U-12 national team, told us.

– If I were the individual coach of these girls, I would have set new development goals, but I am the coach of the national team, so my main goal is to win this tournament. Of course, I would also like them to be the best in the world in 10 years – confirms Molinda.

On Wednesday evening, the draw for the European Championship qualifiers was held at Arka Gdynia Stadium. Polish women were selected in a group with Moldova, Switzerland and Serbia. Great Britain, Latvia, Denmark and Georgia will play in Group B. Each national team will occupy 3 players, 2 singles and doubles match will be played in one match. The teams will be divided into two groups, with the winners advancing to the finals of the European Under-12 Championship, which will be held in France from 4 August.
Teams will play in the following formations:

Denmark: Karina Maria Makari, Emilia Eva Thijsen, Ella Willstrup. Coach: Andreas Berner.

Georgia: Anna Chakhonashvili, Maryam Mamulashvili, Nino Turia. Coach: Alexander Karanguishvili.

Latvia: Kisiga Berezina, Paula Gorica, Marina Markina. Coach: Janis Milops.

Moldova: Anastasia Maria Ciuhrii, Anastasia Savinskaya, Andrea Stratan. Coach: Eugene Silarsky.

Poland: Zuzanna Giżewska, Maja Schweika, and Antonina Snochowska. Coach: Adam Mulinda.

Serbia: Maria Djokic, Ina Ilic, Andrea Lola Popovic. Coach: Silviga Hegdes.

Switzerland: Lara Zegna Jantenbein, Kim Crissy, Sophie Mezarek. Coach: Lara Michel.

Great Britain: Megan Knight, Seville Parvez, Annabelle Wong. Coach: Anna Smith.

Maciej Słomiński, Interia

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