The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has rejected a lawsuit brought by Congressman Mike Kelly and other allies of Donald Trump, in an effort to nullify the state’s postal ballots from the 2020 elections.

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro described the decision as “another victory for democracy” and described it as an attempt to shake off the votes of 2.5 million Pennsylvania residents and halt the certification of election results.

The court stated that the “failure of the petitioners to raise their constitutional challenge in a timely manner” was the basis of the decision.

Prosecutors cited cases with Law 77 and “Universal Mail Voting Provisions” but waived their opportunity to challenge the law before the election.

Judge David Wicht wrote, “It is not our role to legitimize such transparent efforts that came at an inappropriate time to undermine the will of Pennsylvania voters. Courts should not decide elections when the will of the electorate is clear.”

The court rejected the case “with prejudice,” meaning that it could not be reversed.

A group of eight Republicans, including Congressman Kelly, have filed lawsuits against the majority Republican assembly in Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Wolfe, and Secretary of State Cathy Buckfar, claiming that legislation allowing for voting by mail in the state is unconstitutional.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed 138-61, with one Republican vote “No”. Every Republican senator voted yes to the legislation.

So far, every legal challenge filed on behalf of Donald Trump’s attempt to cancel the 2020 elections has been brought to an end by lawfully canceling votes cast out of court.

The lawsuit alleges that in order for the state to expand voting allocations by mail, it had to amend its constitution, which it did not. As a result, the lawsuit says, all mailed ballots are illegal.

In a previous court ruling, the state’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of the mail vote.

Other election litigation lawsuits have already been canceled in Pennsylvania.