The Atlantic Council is one of the most important American think tanks. Georgette Mossbacher will increase investment efforts in Central Europe and the Baltic countries. Its activities also aim to contribute to the increased participation of the United States in the development of the region.

“Mossbacher, who most recently held the position of US ambassador to Poland, has been a major driver of the progress of the Three Seas Initiative,” said Vice President of the Atlantic Council, Damon Wilson. The second president and former president of the think tank, James L. Jones, Jr., emphasized Mospacher’s “tremendous personal commitment” to the initiative.

Working in the Three Seas Initiative was one of my main priorities when I was serving as ambassador to Poland. Mosbacher says the Three Seas Initiative is a unique initiative launched and led by some of the United States’ closest allies.

The first female ambassador

At the end of December last year, the ambassador of the United States so far in our country, Georgette Mossbacher announced this as of January 20 She resigned. This is the result of the US presidential election and the defeat of Donald Trump. She was the first woman in the history of Polish-American relations to hold the post of ambassador to Warsaw.

On January 12, President Andrzej Duda presented Mosbacher with the Order of Merit from the Republic of Poland in recognition of his outstanding advantages in developing friendly relations and cooperation between Poland and the United States, for his participation in international security activities. “.

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Georgette Mosbacher held the position of US Ambassador to Poland in August 2018.

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