The number of people infected with coronavirus in the Netherlands is rising dramatically, although 85% of them have been vaccinated. And re-enter some restrictions at the beginning of the month. Currently, bars and restaurants can open up to 20. The partial closure did not help, and the authorities decided to resort to stronger measures.

The new rules will be frustrating, but we have no other choice

– Prime Minister Mark Rutte said it was announced from the nearest Sunday (November 28) All previous restrictions will be maintained and More will come.

Expert on the scale of the epidemic: There are 100,000 infections, not 20,000 daily

Lockdown from next Sunday

Businesses that do not provide essential services are open between 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. In the evening and at night, restaurants, bars and most shops will be closed. the pupils skó³ The second degree, that is, at the age of 12 or older, will attend the masks. The government also insists that anyone has the option to work remotely and not plan a vacation. The principles of social distancing must be respected in the workplace. Masks must be worn in all public places.

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More than 20,000 diseases a day

In the country of just over 17 million people, there are more than 20 thousand. infections daily. Highest drop last Wednesday calendar – 23,789 injuries were detected, which is the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic. New infections largely come from unvaccinated students. The authorities feared an overload on health care and ordered the cancellation of the delayed treatment. Some Covid patients are being treated in Germany.

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Authorities prepare for riots

Regarding the announcement of new restrictions, the Dutch services are preparing for more riots sparked by opponents of the health restrictions. Last Friday, the government’s idea of ​​banning unvaccinated people from entering public places sparked riots in Rotterdam and The Hague.

Virus outbreak in the NetherlandsProtest in Rotterdam. Police fired shots, amid an emergency [ZDJĘCIA]

Friday Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge also announced a ban on flights from South African countries. The reason is a new type of Covid-19, which is spreading in six African countries, which Who is the He gave the name Omikron.