The Halo Infinite community is demanding changes not only to the progression system. According to many players, the prices for cosmetics in the in-game store are too high. For this reason, some interested parties want to boycott the show.

Halo Infinite multiplayer mode debuted a month before the premiere of the full version of the gameHowever, the gameplay variant is currently available in beta. The creators are still improving the situation and have made the first changes to the progression system, but we can be confident that there is still a lot of work ahead of 343 Industries.

Fans of the Halo series have decided to be crystal clear about suggested prices for items to customize – In Season 1, getting all the items is expected to cost around £775 (4,301 PLN)

“That’s about £775. That’s the equivalent of buying a new TV on Black Friday. For some of you, that’s going to be a tough decision – Halo Infinite items or a new TV? – so think about it.

We must, of course, remember the most important: All cosmetics are completely optional and will not affect the gameplay. These are just different variations of weapons or clothing, but nonetheless players can’t handle 343 Industries’ offerings.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is available for free, So we expected some things to be pricey…but the community is hoping the developers will respond and adjust the show accordingly.

“These prices are absolutely ridiculous and are a clear blow to the face for those who have been told that all event shields will be completely free.”

It is noteworthy that Halo Infinite is currently the most popular Xbox game in Poland.

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