Mam Talent fans in the UK were stunned after a man nearly drowned during Saturday’s show.

The hit ITV show has left fans “shocked” after escape scientist Andrew Basso takes to the stage to perform a terrifying act once performed by one of the most famous magicians, escape specialists and acrobats of all time – Harry Houdini.

The 36-year-old was chained to a waterlogged glass room, in an upside down position, in shackles, and had to free himself from them.

Earlier, Andrew explained to the jury that the legendary Harry Houdini, who was the first to perform a similar escape, described the work as his “peak of his abilities” and “the most dangerous and difficult”.

The contractor told the jury, “I’m leaving in two minutes. Even longer and I might not get out alive. I’m risking my life.”

When the man was placed in the room, the clock began to count down, dramatic music was playing in the background and the tension was high.

Time passed and the audience became anxious when the music stopped after 2:36 and the escape scientist frantically tried to insert the key into the lock to escape.

“Is it part of the act?” Gorka asked Alisha in fright. David replied, “I don’t know.”

The audience remained silent and Andrew looked around with a pressure on his face. The time is 3:03…

Andrew Basso is from Italy who is one of the most famous escape scholars, i.e. a visualizer who specializes in the art of escape.

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