W.As winter approaches, ideas have shifted over whether the ski holidays will be back in business this season, my colleague writes Lucy Aspden. I’ve compiled a guide on where to go, the risk of quarantine and the latest rules for each destination.

For families, she suggests:

Ur, Sweden

Insulation Status: green

The risk: On 12 September, the United Kingdom government granted Sweden a travel pass. The current case rate of just over 29 per 100,000 people, which means it now crosses the government’s threshold, and whether it can stick to its own travel lane is that it escaped execution this week. As it is though, the Scandinavian downhill skiing holiday may be on the cards this winter. There is no need to be quarantined at either end of the flight.

the rules: Last winter was one of the last resorts in the world to be closed due to the pandemic. Ahead of these new measures, including post-ski curtailment, lack of self-service buffets and new fast food and delivery services – an insight into what the next season could hold. Unlike the UK and other European countries, masks are not mandatory in Sweden. The official rules have not been announced yet.

the prize: Åre is Sweden’s largest ski resort, with three separate ski areas beside a frozen lake, and the winter season that lasts until April thanks to many hours of sunlight and warmer temperatures later in the season. They are popular with families who love activities off the slopes, including dog sledding or reindeer sledding, snowmobiling, snowmobiling, sledding, curling, and ice fishing.

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