Reuters said it was unable to verify these reports and did not receive any comment from the authorities Iranian.

The Times of Israel reported on the basis of Arabic-speaking media that the Saviz ship was hit by missiles near Yemen, and that the ship was in fact a Revolutionary Guard spy ship under the cover of a merchant ship.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a branch of the Iranian armed forces, along with the army of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Its tasks include fighting movements hesitant in dealing with the Iranian regime as an Islamic republic, supporting armed organizations loyal to Iran abroad, and fighting foreign influence in Iran.

A series of Israeli attacks on Iranian ships

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal in mid-March, Israel has launched at least 12 attacks on Iranian ships bound for Syria over the past few years; They mainly transferred crude oil. Israel believes that the profits from selling these raw materials can be used to fund extremists in the Middle East.

As Reuters reports, Israeli forces have repeatedly attacked military infrastructure in Syria linked to Iran, and they have not always confirmed this publicly.

In late February, an explosion occurred in an Israeli transport ship in the Gulf of Oman. Then the Israeli authorities recognized that it was an Iranian operation. Earlier, the US government accused Iran of attacking ships in the region.

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