Today the whole world is talking about the son of Prince William and Princess Kate. The latest photos of George won the hearts of fans. There are photos on the Web in which the prince indulges in his passion for sports. How is it on the field?

Prince George loves football? This is what he does on the field

He is without a doubt the most famous baby royal in the world. Prince George will celebrate his ninth birthday in July. The eldest son of Prince William and Princess Kate knows he could play an important role in the future. He is third in line to the British throne. William did not reveal to the world how he passed this good news to his son, but it was sometime near the boy’s seventh birthday – in 2020. His parents are said to have elaborated in detail what would be of particular importance in George’s future royal “service and duties,” as he wrote in Brotherhood battle. William, Harry and the Story of the Breakup of the Windsor Family, Robert Lacey.

Soon, George will be enlisted in royal duties. He is already learning the rules of protocol and etiquette. But parents are trying to make sure George has a carefree, safe and stable childhood for now. “This is part of his upbringing. Catherine Meyer asserted, by observing his parents and grandparents, that he would likely soon understand that his life was of importance to the state.

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Foot. Rex Features / East News

Prince George in 2019

Prince George inherited his passion for sports from his father

Prince George goes to a private school in London. And it turned out that Prince William had already included his son in the list of universities in which he studied himself. The oldest consolation for the couple will visit the walls of this institution in a few years. At the moment, George devotes his time primarily to his passion and pleasure. The prince plays tennis and loves lego. It turns out he’s also a football fan. It has long been known that Prince William is a huge fan of the Aston Villa team. No wonder Prince George inherited his father’s passion for the sport. Often, with his parents, he admires the struggle of the players from the stands. Two years ago, he watched England’s actions at Euro 2020 eagerly!

It turns out that the eldest son of Prince William and Princess Kate coaches soccer alone on the school team. A few days ago, George had the opportunity to prove himself on the field. He can count on the tremendous support of his proud father, Prince William. Pictures from the event immediately appeared on the Internet. You can see the sheer focus and commitment to the consolation of the princely couple. George focused on the game and did his best!

After that, Prince William posed for a photo with the opposing team.

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Prince William, Duchess Kate, Prince George, Euro 2020: The Dukes of Cambridge cheer on their team

Foot. Justin Thales/AFP/East News

Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince George at Euro 2020