(Reuters) – The Netherlands and Poland scored two decisive victories in a playoff match in the Billie Jean King on Saturday, but easier passes for the United Kingdom, Italy and Canada.

At Den Bosch, the Dutch were without the number 11 in the world, Kiki Bertens, due to an injury on the second day and were 2-1 behind China after Wang Shi Yu beat Leslie Kerkove in the first game on Saturday.

But Aranxta Rus defeated Wang Xinyu in a draw, then teamed up with Demi Schuurs to defeat Zhang Shuai and Zu Yifan and let the hosts pass.

It was so close in Poland, that the host national team was sidelined by Brazil.

Brazilian Carolina Meligeni Alves scored a decisive double, beating Katharzina Kawa, but the Poles won 3-2 when Kawa and Magdalena Frechsch returned after the match against Milegene Alves and Luis Stefani.

Kazakhstan also won a major defeat to Argentina.

Britain led Mexico tonight 2-0 against Mexico, but Marcela Zakaria defeated Heather Watson to keep the tie.

It turns out Katie Poulter was way too strong for Julianna Olmus to win a tie for the hosts.

Italy beat Romania 3-1 and Canadian teenager Leila Annie Fernandez finished her path, giving her team an undeniable advantage over Serbia 3-0 thanks to a 3-set victory over Nina Stojanovic.

Ukraine beat Japan 4-0, and Anastasia Sevastova ensured Latvia’s 3-1 victory over India.

The eight winners will qualify for next year’s qualifiers, as they hope to reach the Billie Jean King Cup Final in 2022.

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The old Fed Cup has been renamed after the 12-time Grand Slam singles champion who won the first championship in nearly 60 years.

This year’s 12-team final has been postponed due to a pandemic, and no new date has yet been set.

(Prepared by Martin Hermann; Editing by Claire Fallon)