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Runaway Chickens sequel is coming! Do you remember those cult cartoons from the year 2000? Netflix takes over and announces an all-new story. The authors of the original script will work on the new part and announce the tentative date and plot outline. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming animation.

Runaway Chickens 2 – When is the premiere date? The amazing animation returns more than 20 years after the premiere of the first part. It was at one time the highest-grossing production, grossing over $225 million worldwide. The film was first shown in cinemas, and later appeared on television as well. The production tells the story of chickens raised in harsh conditions. Many of them tried to escape, but the farm owner’s dogs always caught her. The chicken leader is Ginger, who holds the record for failed escape attempts. When the chickens learn that the farm owner has built a machine to process chicken into patties, they make one last, desperate attempt to escape – they build a flying machine. The first information about the second part of the movie appeared in 2020. Now Netflix officially confirms that it has not given up on the idea and a second part will appear.

What would the theme of “Wild Chicken” be?

The next part will take place in the chicken sanctuary where Rocky, Ginger and little girl Molly live. Unfortunately, a new danger will appear in the chicken house and the heroes will have to figure out a way to save the chicken nation. Ginger and his friends will risk their freedom and storm the farm together to save the poultry.

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What do you think of creating the second part of Untamed Chicken?

Runaway Chickens 2 – When is the premiere date?

The platform has confirmed that it is co-creating the next part of Runaway Chickens. She indicated that the sequel will return after more than 20 years, and the well-known heroes from the first part will appear. The premiere is set for 2023. In the UK, the film will premiere on BBC, and the production will be seen on Netflix by the rest of the world.

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