Recently, the whole world wrote about the Royal Divison party, at which Anthony Krulikovsky wanted to take a fight between the spouses of Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky. Now there is neither an actor nor my husband … but despite this the cities do not want to organize it.

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Royal Division Conference

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There are more and more neo-nerds fighting festivals in Poland. The organizers are trying to outdo each other with unusual ideas to attract new viewers, but what Anthony Krulikowski did was beyond all comprehension. The main event during the ceremony of organizing his royal oath was the confrontation of the pairs of the presidents of Russia and Ukraine: Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky.

The whole world wrote about this idea. In Great Britain it was called simply “Polish embarrassment”, and the actor was criticized from every possible angle. In the end, Krulikowski withdrew from being captain of the Royal Division and the feud was abandoned (more here).

However, even these moves did not help improve the image of the royal department. The ceremony was originally supposed to take place in Opole, but the city responded quickly and all steps were taken to ensure that the city pulled out of this project. Then the event was moved to Lupine.

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Even a promotional campaign has already started. On social media, the new governor, Tomasz Olegnik, has been aggressively promoting the project. It is difficult even to write about ideas for combat, because each subsequent one was more and more abstract.

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But it turns out that the organizers will face a serious problem because another city has withdrawn from cooperation. The Regional Sports Center in Lubin issued a special announcement announcing the termination of the contract with the tenant. This means that the royal department again does not have a host city.

“A few days ago we received an application to rent a gymnasium in primary school No. 14 to organize a martial arts party. And after the organizer began selling tickets, it turned out that the event was carried out by an entity that wanted. To conduct a controversial fight between the doubles of the presidents of Russia and Ukraine. Today it does not matter. Whether this fight will take place or not. There is no consent to organize such events in Lubin, so we decided to immediately terminate the contract with the organizer ”- wrote the RCS statement in Lubin.

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