It is a documentary by Yuval David, a Jewish director linked to ideological homosexuality, and his partner Mark McDermott, who declares himself Catholic. Apparently, the inspiration for the creation of the film was McDermott’s lament that Catholicism did not have a gay-style image of Jesus in its icons. The movie is called “Wonderfully Made”.

the father. Martin comments in the movie Psalm 139: “I thank you for making me so wonderful” (Ps 139: 14). Father Martin says: “When you look at the Gospels, you see that Jesus extended his hands especially to people on the margins.”

“So I believe that if Jesus is here today in the flesh on earth, he will first go to homosexuals. For Jesus, there are no illusions and us. Regardless of the simple fact that when Jesus went to sinners, He always called them to turn away from bad practices like fornication. It is also difficult to understand what it means to have homosexuals “on the sidelines” in Western societies today, when they receive the continued support of the media, companies and governments.

The last father. Martin described the image of Lady Chestuchova in the aura of the rainbow as an example of inculturation, and described Poland as a homophobic country.

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