The European Commission has taken another step and announced the activation of the conditionality mechanism in the EU budget towards Hungary. More than 40 billion euros have been saved for Hungary In the Multi-Year Financial Framework Plan 2021-2027 (i.e. de facto in the EU budget).

“Today we are sending a notification to Hungary, to formally launch the budget terms procedure. We have identified problems that may violate the rule of law in Hungary and affect the EU budget. “Hungary will have to respond to our concerns and propose remedial measures,” European Commission Vice-President Viera Jourova wrote on Twitter.

conditional mechanism. what is he talking about?

The conditionality mechanism assumes that The EU may freeze EU funds belonging to a particular country if it considers that there is a risk of their misuse, such as embezzlement.

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The reservations that the European Union has against Poland and Hungary are different. Brussels believes that Hungary’s problem is corruption, and more specifically EU money fraud. The European Commission has serious reservations about how Hungary spends EU money. As for Poland, the European Union accuses us of violating the rule of law in the context of the changes made by the United Right government in the judiciary.

The whole process of applying the conditionality mechanism can take several months. Ultimately, most member states must agree to freeze Hungary’s funds (15 of 27 countries representing 65% of the EU population). Poland, according to unofficial information, There is no risk of starting this procedure yet. In the case of Poland The share is 36 billion euros from the Reconstruction Fund and more than 100 billion euros for Poland from the EU’s long-term budget.

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