European Council President Charles Michel said the EU-US summit is scheduled to take place in June in Brussels. He added, a meeting is also scheduled for US President Joe Biden.

Joe Biden will travel to Europe on his first trip abroad. White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki explained that he was, among other things, “reaffirming his commitment to renewing our alliances” and “revitalizing transatlantic relations.”

“I am delighted to announce, together with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, about a meeting at the summit between the European Union and the United States with US President Joe Biden on his trip to Brussels in June,” said Charles Michel, President of the European Commission. European Council.

It will be an opportunity to rebuild a strong alliance between the European Union and the United States and join efforts on COVID-19, climate, security and multilateralism, he added.

On June 11-13, Biden will attend the G7 summit in Cornwall. He told the White House that topics for talks would include pluralism, public health, economics, climate change and democratic values.

The American leader’s stay in Great Britain also includes a meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

From the British Isles, Biden will travel to Brussels, where on June 14 he will participate in the NATO summit. It will also hold meetings with leaders of NATO countries in the Belgian capital. During the EU-US summit in Belgium, the discussion will include, among other things, the issues of “global health security”, “stimulating global economic recovery”, “combating climate change” and “promoting democracy” – as stated in the White House statement.

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