– Matthews Murawiecki said we have to rebuild a lot of the economy.

According to the Polish head of government, the goal is to bring about climate change that is socially equitable.

– All our actions must lead to the fact that the cost of transformation is properly distributed, and those groups with lower income, and more dependent on the current energy model, must have the perspective of change and try to get that perspective, and this too The Prime Minister said that our commitment as you aim To bring about a transformation that would be socially just.

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Morawiecki drew attention to the fact that in the context of climate change, the main topic is coal, with the exception of crude oil. A & nbsptransportation is responsible for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions.

As the Prime Minister said, Poland is focusing on clean transportation. Also because Poland is a big importer of crude oil and natural gas. We spend between 50 and 70 billion PLN per year on fuel.


Emission-free transportation will not only improve air quality or contribute to global warming, but it will also significantly reduce public spending.

“It’s about ensuring a better future for everything,” Biden said. – & nbsp The signs are clear, the scientific results cannot be denied. The cost of inactivity is increasing.


Japan issued a similar declaration before the summit, which intends to cut harmful emissions by 46 percent. By 2030.

According to the US administration, if similar decisions were made by the countries of the European Union, Canada and the United Kingdom – which together are responsible for more than half of greenhouse gas emissions, it would be possible to prevent global warming of 1.5 ° C. .

During the first day of the summit, President Andrzej Duda participated in the debate on the energy transition.


The President emphasized that energy transfer, according to the principle of “just transformation”, must be participatory, that is, to be implemented at the local level. It must also be innovative and stimulate economic development.

– We just have to have time to implement the transformation in a way that secures jobs – Duda said.