In all likelihood, he should find a slap-like slap on Donald Trump there. Mark Leela is, after all, a progressive liberal, that is – it translates into European concepts – a little bit of a Social Democrat, yet he believes that Trump is more a product of the bad policies of the Democratic Party than the dysfunction and decay of the Republican Party, which Trump also reached from During an improper bank break-in. Support during the primaries. According to Leela, Trump would follow other similar politicians if the Democratic Party (but also Republicans, frankly) didn’t change. Regardless of the social and medical package – these are matters of great importance in the United States – he offers Americans only new versions of increasingly radical identity politics, and focuses his political narrative on subsequent marginal minorities.

In short: According to Lilly, the Democratic Party has not pursued a national policy in years, but a policy of strengthening and thus also antagonizing minority identities that stops forming a single nation, and stops caring for anything other than the struggle for recognition. At the same time, without this nation, it would not have existed.

Interestingly, in 2016, when Leela was writing his book, the BLM saw an example of the worst cancer of Democratic rhetoric, which would not solve problems but rather serve to escalate divisions.

Leela and Trump are the opposite of American policy. It turns out that Trump is a politician who consistently and realistically supports protecting the unborn life. For Mark Lilly – and you can see that in his book – miscarriage is also an underlying problem. That is, it should be available in every square centimeter of the United States, and perhaps the whole world, without restrictions. Those who think the issue of prenatal homicide in American politics is number 10 are wrong. Let’s not be under any illusions. Abortion is a public health policy priority for the Democratic Party. Moreover, the observations of Leela, an important progressive (meaning that it is close to the ideas of later editions of the Progressive Party) insider’s inside democratic politics, which contradicts planning views, are noteworthy.

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Let’s add that Mark Leela sincerely hates Donald Trump and disguises him inappropriately in his book. Yet he is more reflexive than the Polish critics of the Republican president, who close their eyes to the social problems that are the cause of the ongoing unrest. It would be naive to be content with the narrative that punishing a scapegoat by removing Facebook would solve all the difficulties.

I would not be surprised if the Democratic Party did not change at all, as it wanted by night, and the real problems of Americans only begin with a new wave of conflicts between an increasing number of identity groups unaware that the comfort of fighting is as long as one country and one nation.

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