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The Chinese landed on the “dark side of the moon”. The first such mission in history

China In recent years, they have been trying very hard and harder to define their presence in space. A few months ago, this country sent its spacecraft to Mars, In December, the Chang’e 5 return capsule landed on Earth. Which provided samples of lunar soil for the first time in 44 years.

NASA has taken pictures of the Chinese rover

A little earlier, in early January 2019, the Chinese spacecraft Chang’e 4 landed on the surface of the Moon. For the first time in history, the landing occurred on the moon’s invisible side of Earth. The Yutu 2 rover launched by the spacecraft has been exploring the natural satellite surface for two years, breaking the record for the life of the lunar module in December 2019.

The Chinese rover has also become a great subject for NASA. The Americans used the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter orbiting the Moon and took many photos of Yutu 2.

A team of scientists interested in the probe and researchers from Arizona State University combined images from different periods to create a time-lapse video of the Chang’e 4 landing site between December 2018 and October 2020.

In every image (other than that from December 2018) we see two objects (a probe and a rover). The largest image in the lower right corner of each image (with a long shadow on each other) is the lander. The second body (marked with an arrow) is a rover that has been traveling on the roof of the Silver Globe for a month.

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As mentioned by, The last time the Yutu 2 rover moved on December 22, it covered less than 11 meters. The total distance covered by the rover on the far side of the moon since the start of the mission is 600 meters and 55 cm.