Danish intelligence allowed the US National Security Agency to eavesdropat. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, then Minister of Foreign Affairs German Frank Walter Steinmeier, as well as prominent French, Norwegian and Swedish politicians. This was to happen in 2012 and 2014.

These are the arrangements Danish broadcaster d In cooperation with Swedish television SVT, Norwegian radio NRK, German newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, German broadcasting stations NDR and WDR and the French daily newspaper “Le Monde”.

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Denmark cooperated with the United States to spy on politicians

The Americans, by cooperating with the Danes, could spy on politicians using the Danish internet infrastructure. The phone numbers of politicians were used by the National Security Agency, which made it possible to “discover”, inter alia, text messages and phone calls from data streams sent over the lines to and from Denmark.

The media came to the conclusions of a secret internal investigation into the FE (the Danish Secret Service of the Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom of Denmark), which ended in May 2015. The investigation was dubbed “Operation Dunhammer”. It is not known how many politicians were eventually exploited. Media reported that several Danish intelligence personnel have been dismissed in connection with the case.

The US intelligence service declined to comment on the matter.