A section of the global climate advocacy movement in Auckland, New Zealand, has decided to end its activities. The reason was … self-accusation of racism. According to the British newspaper “The Guardian”, the group considered itself “a white-dominated racist space”.

Greta Thunberg’s Global Movement department declined to speak to reporters, but felt supporters deserved some explanation, so she offered her self-criticism via social media. The statement noted that the organization’s members “avoided, ignored and ignored the voices and demands of BIPOC” (African, Indigenous and Non-African Community).

The activists committed to “strengthening the climate justice space under the leadership of BIPOC.” The aim is to place greater emphasis on the participation of people from different minorities in efforts to improve the world’s climate. As explained in the Facebook profile of the aforementioned section of the “School Climate Strike,” the fight for “climate justice” must be driven by the needs of the BIPOC community.

Sophie Handford, leader of the School Climate Strike in New Zealand, assessed that “there is a real need to give space to indigenous peoples and transform the movement so they can properly support the community in their quest for climate justice”.

Aja / The Guardian

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