The United States could diplomatically boycott the Beijing Olympics. The reason for this is the conflict between the United States and China. The US Senate approved the bill.

Photo by M. Rudzińska

The Americans have already presented their position on the Games to be held in Beijing. Because of its policy toward the host country of the four-year event, the United States intends to clearly show its disagreement with China’s actions. There is a bill on a diplomatic boycott of next year’s Games.

It consists in the fact that the head of state and other government officials will speak negatively about the participation of Americans in the Olympic Games. We read the bill: “It is the policy of the United States to conduct a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics and to call for an end to the Communist Party of China’s continuing violations of human rights.”

However, despite the aforementioned renaissance in Beijing, American athletes will be able to travel to China to compete in competition – hence the name of the diplomatic district. The Senate has already approved this bill. Now it will go to the House of Representatives, and it will come into effect after President Joe Biden is signed.


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