The Associated Press, CNN, NBC and Fox News reported on Saturday that Joe Biden won the 270 wanted electoral votes by winning Pennsylvania and defeating Donald Trump in the election. If this information is confirmed, Biden will become the forty-sixth president of the United States.

When the US media published the unofficial election results, politicians from all over the world began to congratulate the Democratic candidate. The congratulations were sent, among others, by PO leader Borys Budka.

“United States of America”

However, the politician made a mistake that stunned netizens.

“A new quality is coming in Polish foreign policy” – Daniel Leskiewicz, deputy head of the press division of TVP Info, commented on Twitter on Budka’s congratulatory message.


The Deputy Head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Baej Poboży, wrote, “Boris Podka never missed an opportunity to discredit him in the first letter to the president-elect.”

what is going on? “Boris Budka, in a congratulatory message to Joe Biden, after a hiatus of 242 years, has just brought the United States of America back to life (the name was used until 1778),” Leskiewicz explains on Twitter.

Many people noticed the downfall of the mailbox leader, and the politician quickly put a redacted version of the letter to Biden.

“Thanks to your reactions and to my attention, I corrected the mistake in the congratulatory message to the new president of the United States. I didn’t even see that the same mistake happened to Lich Kaczynski. It’s a bad consolation, but it is a good lesson not to act in haste,” – explains Bodka on Twitter.

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