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At the end of February, Google announced the introduction of the mechanism PartitionAlloc everywhereIt will lighten Windows 10 PCs and Android smartphones. It looks like the new feature should now be working.

Google Chrome’s biggest advantage is its speed. Unfortunately, apart from that, the browser looks poor compared to the competitors. The amount of RAM Google Chrome uses has already been honored with hundreds of memes. Last year, the solution was salvation for Chrome fans Part stackAvailable in the May release of Windows. At that time, there was talk of hundreds of megabytes of saved memory.

There is now another solution that Chromium developers have prepared. at Google Chrome 89 About to start work PartitionAlloc everywhere, Which is a new memory allocator. As per the tests he conducted Creative people, Windows 10 (64-bit) solution will help you provide:

  • 22 percent of the RAM “RAM in phones and computers.”
  • 8 percent call
  • 3 percent GPU load

In the case of macOS, a 65% increase in energy efficiency was observed. On the other hand, the Android version of the browser starts at 13 percent. 2% faster. It loads websites faster. Currently, the developers are suggesting that PartitionAlloc everywhere It will allow you to use less 100MB on every active tab in Google Chrome. It’s about 20 percent. Less. Question – Did you really notice the difference?

Google Chrome browser works WindowsAnd the macOS-aAnd the Male in appearance And the iOS-prof It can be found at Our software catalog.

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