LEAF, Ukraine (Reuters) – Ukraine, which includes the United States, Poland and Lithuania, held a major military exercise on Tuesday with helicopters providing air support as armored vehicles drove through fields and soldiers fired on hostile targets.

Known as “Three Swords-2021”, these exercises involve more than 1,200 soldiers and more than 200 combat vehicles at Yavuru in the Lev region. They will finish on Friday.

Speaking at a press conference, Ukraine’s air strikes commander Yevgeny Mosok said the various tactical exercises observed on Tuesday “show that Kiev’s allies” are ready to “thwart the mass occupation”.

The exercises come amid tensions between Ukraine and Russia over the past month, with the Russian military firing warning shots and grenades along the road last month. A British warship to drive him away from the waters allegedly in the Black Sea.

Despite Russian protests, Ukraine and the United States, comprising about 30 Black Sea countries and southern Ukraine, staged separate military exercises in June called “Sea Breeze”.

(Reporting by Klepp Carne; French edition, Editing by Jean Dergin, Sophie Lloyd)

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