A long period of rest in exercise can seriously affect the figure. Three-time world champion Jason Crump found out. After returning to racing in the UK, “The Australian is still learning”.

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Jason Crump

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Indeed, Jason Crump was set to return to serious law enforcement in the British Isles by 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic thwarted his plans. The cancellation of the Premier League season meant that the Australian never really had a chance to display his full potential. However, this time the game in Great Britain is in full swing and the three-time world champion at the moment… is feeling a bit rusty. As befits a great champion, the 45-year-old is highly self-critical.

“I felt like a highway at Foxhall. I’m constantly learning and trying, and I also need more regularity” – Crump was appraised after his recent performance, who swore that even if he performed well in the UK, he wouldn’t accept an offer to ride in Poland.

Last weekend we saw another great comeback. Ty and Wenden, after a month-long hiatus due to a shoulder injury, are back at Pittard Sparta Wroclaw. The first performance wasn’t perfect because the 30-year-old could certainly take more than 7 points, but Roma wasn’t built in a day. Especially when the arm is still not fully healed.

Wenden commented after the competition.

A huge smile appeared on Sunday evening on Maciej Janowski again this season. Captain Petard of Sparta in the form of his life, and 14 points against the “Peaks” of Liszno best proof of this. Janowski’s joy was even greater as the fans finally showed up at the Olympic Stadium, with loud cheers and a thunderous “WTS” chant.

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Pyotr Pawliky, Janowski’s friend, had a busy weekend behind him. First, on Friday, he had a match in Grudziądz, where on the other side of the barrier was his older brother – Przemysław, and above that there was a match on Sunday against a good companion from Betard Sparta Wrocław. Balance? Bittersweet, because while on Friday we managed to beat ZOOleszcz DPV Logistic GKM Grudziądz, in the capital of Lower Silesia, Fogo Unia Leszno didn’t have much to say.

“You are as good as your last race” – concluded Jason Doyle, who had better and worse moments in Wroclaw. One of the leaders of Fogo Unia has something to think, because again this season he didn’t get double digits. Perhaps Marek Chillac was right, saying the Australian needs as many opportunities to ride as possible. So, Bulls fans have to wait for the Swedish league to start. Maybe then Doyle will stabilize the figure at a high level?

She does better with the form of Eltrox Włókniarz Częstochowa, who unexpectedly won with Moje Bermuda Stalą Gorzów. Friedrich Lindgren made a strong contribution to this victory, whose performance should be appreciated twice, because a few days ago the Swede was running with his hand in a brace and complained of pain in his upper limb after a fall in Toro.

They may have reasons to worry in Gorzów, after the team lost two games in a row. A week ago in Wroclaw we got a signal that air is leaking from the bottom of my Bermuda. The defeat on their track with the “Black” from Chistochova is a confirmation of this. Is it really a crisis? We will be able to determine that after the next round. At the moment, Bartosz Zmarzlik calms down a little and lightens the mood.

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