The European Championship in Clubs for the best youth and under-23 players is slowly coming to an end. During the penultimate day of the competition, Marcin Marciniak won his second silver medal in the tournament. This time the pole stood on the podium in Kirin.

Marcin Marciniak confidently qualified for the Keren finals. First he won his race in the first round and then finished second in the semi-finals. However, in the final, just as in the sprint, only Mattia Priedomo was better than Marciniac. The Keren podium was completed by the second Italian athlete Stefano Minotta. Radosław Laskowki, ranked eighth, also took part in the keirin. Natalia Guoka was close to the medal among the juniors. However, in the finals of Kirin, she took fourth place. Elisa Raptica took seventh place. Anna Gabornikova stole gold.

Nikola Fielowska stood at the start of the big race for under-23 players. After three competitions, the Polish ranked sixth with 88 points. Ultimately, in the points race, Wielowska added 11 “points” and was finally ranked seventh. The medal was won by Shari Bossuet (129 points). On the other hand, among the players under the age of 23, omnium was not good for Adam Woźniak. Our delegate in all competitions scored 29 points, which translated to 14th place. Gold for Oscar Nelson-Julian, who beat Tim Torn-Tutenberg by just two points.

The junior points race, Laura Rybkiewicz, is ranked one point in the sixth sprint, 11th. Isabelle Sharp won the gold with 58 points. The British scored many points because they managed to cut two runs over their competitors. In the same junior competition, ukasz Juszczak fought for the medal to the end. The pole made a lap over his rivals, plus he scored well in sprints. Unfortunately, despite scoring 43 points, Juszczak finished fourth. Four points was less than the lowest podium point that was won by Tetouan Fontaine. Gold was won by Ben Wiggins (56 points).

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We know the final decisions in the U-23 cyclists’ race, and Tejmen van Loon won the gold after two wins in the final with Anton Hoen. The Dutchman defeated Matthew Strauch on his way to winning the 1/8 finals. Konrad Borowski was eliminated at the same stage. The individual 500m race for the under-23s finished in 11th place by Joanna Bosachtaek. Taki Marie Kwame was the best with a time of 33.860 seconds.


Keren Juniors:

1 – Mattia Priedomo (Italy)

2. Marcin Marciniak

3 – Stefano Minotta (Italy)

8. Radosław Laskowski

Aluminum for players under 23 years old:

1 – Chary Bossuet (Belgium)

2 – Danek Hengfeld (Netherlands)

3 – Jade Labastugue (France)

7. Nikola Willowska

Aluminum for players under 23 years old:

1 – Oscar Nelson – Julian (Great Britain)

2 – Tim Torn-Teuthenburg (Germany)

3 – Philip Heijnin (Netherlands)

14. Adam and Nyack

Keren Juniors:

1 – Anna Gabornikova (Czech Republic)

2 – Clara Schneider (Germany)

3 – Lara Sophie Geiger (Germany)

4. Natalia Guawaka

7. Elisa Rabiuska

Junior Points Race:

1 – Isabel Sharp (Great Britain)

2 – Aurora Bernoullet (France)

3 – Helen Hesters (Belgium)

11. Laura Rybkevich

Junior Points Race:

1 Ben Wiggins (Great Britain)

2 – Justus Willemsen (Netherlands)

3 – Titouan Fontaine (France)

4. Łukasz Juszczak

Under-23 racing competitors:

1 – Tejmen van Loon (Netherlands)

2 – Anton Hoen (Germany)

3 – Willie Weinrich (Germany)

Konrad Borowski – Eliminated in the 1/8 . Finals

Mateusz Sztrauch – Eliminated in the finals 1/8

Singles 500m for women under 23 years old:

1 – Taki Marie Kwame (France)

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2 – Veronika Gabornikova (Czech Republic)

3 – Alyssa Catriona Brewster (Germany)

11. Joanna Pusaschak

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