June 24, 2021, 5:16 pm

CD Projekt RED has published a list of the most frequently reported bugs in Cyberpunk 2077. It turns out that the most common problems facing the community are bugs that prevent certain tasks from being completed.


  • CD Projekt RED has published a list of the most frequently reported errors in files Cyberpunk 2077 movie;
  • Their list includes only 3 problems related to the inability to complete tasks: broken silence, smoke on the sidewalk, extreme sensations.

List of bugs and errors we still encounter when playing Cyberpunk 2077 moviePerhaps you can publish it in the form of a small book. We overlook some of them and others?? If it is annoying?? We are able to ignore. However, there are also those who stand in our way when we want to finish what? Request. Is this impossible to get around? Either the mission will remain stuck in our journal until the next patch is released, or we won’t be able to continue with the game. CD Projekt RED published today?? List Frequently reported bugs in Cyberpunk All of them belong to the latter category.

The list contains only three items. In the first place is the quest from the main plot, which we must complete to complete the second chapter of the game. I’m talking about a mission broken silence (Play It Safe), which begins with a phone call from Goro Takemura. However, this person has a habit of not contactingWhich had the magazine say “Check other threads or wait for Takemura to be ready”.

The next two points are two side quests that we don’t have to complete to get to the final Cyberpunk 2077 movie. only the first, smoke on the sidewalk (Smoke on the Water), belongs to a series of commands in which we hunt down cyber psychopaths. If you want to check this mission, you have to neutralize them all, so When we complete Smoke on the Pier and the mission is not completed, we will automatically lose the full story related to Regina Jones. So what if we took care of all those cybernetics when the game didn’t notice? No awards, no achievements. As far as the Goblet of Fire reminds us of the first edition Gothic 3Which, by mistake, could not be distributed to one of the 12 Paladins.

With another mission?? the name of the thing extreme impressions (Sweet dream) ?? It is similarly. Her client Stefan has disappeared yet?? And we have no way to claim our prize?? (I am sure that those who have been able to complete this task fully understand the meaning of the quotes used here.)

And that’s it now. It is said that the developers are aware of these bugs and are trying to correct them. We will be able to check the effects of their work in the next update. Let’s remember that the former was great corrected More powerful Cyberpunk 2077 moviemake it a game Works On PS4 well enough she is back Make a PlayStation Store.