In the late afternoon, the people of Warsaw saw enormous clouds above their heads, looking like bubble wrap or round poles in the sky. Soon, this phenomenon also appeared in Podlasie.

The weather in recent days is full of phenomena that cool our veins or drain our strength. Infernal heat gave the storms a weak respite. Lightning, explosion, flood. But we’ve seen them all more than once. Clouds like the ones that appeared over central and eastern Poland today, not many of us have had a chance to see them. Meteorologists call these unusual bubbling clouds mammatus, from the Latin word mamma – breast.


Photo: Katarzyna Borda/Newsweek

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How are mammoths formed?

Mammatus clouds usually precede or accompany violent storm phenomena because they form at the bottom of cumulonimbus or stratus clouds. Especially the first can be accompanied by mammoths. Exactly what processes within the cloud lead to the formation of this type of structure, it is not known exactly. This is due to the vertical movement of air within the highly energetic aggregate and the collapse of its fragments down at the interface with warm, dry air below the cloud – it can be seen in the form of these strange bubbles, also known as the udder. Mammals are heavy, mostly icy, and can portend severe storms, even with hurricanes. So be on your guard when you see these clouds!

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Photo: Katarzyna Borda/Newsweek

It will be quieter on Friday

Fortunately, the ominous beauty of tomorrow Friday’s mammoth will not please our eyes anymore. The weather will slowly calm down and the main storm front will move away from Poland. However, if somewhere high cumulonimbus clouds with a dark base are visible, then it will be the clouds in which the phenomenon of storms occurs. From Saturday it should be very quiet and – thankfully – finally a little cooler.

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