We know the details of the concept of tennis court development on Pułtuska Street. In the first phase, five courtyards will be covered by a light wooden auditorium, and in the second phase – instead of the existing building – a new two-story court building with a gastronomic function will be built.

To remember how we reported last year, The city has terminated the Krzycki Tennis Club on the lease of tennis courts on Pułtuska . Street. Spartan became the new operator of the facility. The Borek estate management proposed to merge this area with the southern park and thus restore its historical form.

The city council decided to ask the residents about the future of the green area with tennis courts between Pułtuska, lężna and Sudecka streets. In early June and July, public consultations were held, and In July we got to know the report summarizing this process.

As a result of the consultations, the residents indicated, inter alia, the following: to preserve the existing green space in the stadiums and to plant new trees and shrubs, but also to cover several tennis courts with a roof (hall or balloon). After analyzing the conclusions of the consultations, i.e. mainly regarding the maintenance of the sporting and recreational function of the facility, the stadiums and the surrounding green spaces, an architectural and urban concept for the construction of roofed tennis courts and court building was created. – Inform representatives of WCT Spartan.

As they explain, the theme of the investment will be the modernization and reconstruction of the existing sports and leisure areas, but the character of the place will remain unchanged – it will be a space for training and playing tennis, as well as an open green area complementing the adjacent southern park.

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First the hall, then the new building

Spartan representatives enumerate that as part of the whole concept, it is planned to modernize the existing outdoor courts with adjacent pedestrian paths and field kiosks, build five hard courts, covered with a light arched hall with a wooden structure, demolish the existing club building and construct a new building in its place a tennis court with a gastronomic and drainage function Sanitary and toilet, reconstruction of road surface, pedestrian and car park, as well as development of green spaces.

Taking into account the results of consultations and the voices of the residents, we began work on the conception and created a concept for the development of the area of ​​​​tennis courts at ul. Pułtuska, taking into account all possible conclusions. In the first phase, five tennis courts will be covered with a hard surface. The construction of a light hall with a wooden structure instead of the old balloon will allow the athletes to use the stadiums also in the fall and winter periods. Thanks to this, the facility will be all year round. The light wooden structure of the hall fits perfectly with the terrain in which it will be built – Says Dariush Kowalczyk, Head of the Wroclaw Spartan Training Center.

The tennis hall is planned to be built for the fall-winter 2022/2023 season.

In turn, as part of the second phase, instead of the existing building, a new two-storey court building (with gastronomic functions, sanitation and a toilet) will be constructed. It will include, among others, a social area, toilet, gym, bioregeneration, recreational terrace and catering point. The construction area is 455.50 square meters. The tennis hall will be connected to the stadium building by means of a link.

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The complex in the Mujahideen. Consisting of 11 stadiums in the beautiful surroundings of South Park, Pułtuska has great potential to serve the residents perfectly. That is why we are glad that we were able to expand the offer of tennis in Wroclaw with other regions, especially in such an attractive way. We have already issued a zoning decision in agreement with the preservation of the Lower Silesian Monument, on the basis of which we will commission the project. I can assure you that we will retain the sporting and recreational functions at this location and that construction of a hotel and other facilities is not planned. – he adds Dariush Kowalczyk.